Auction Services

 A Pittsburgh Estate Auction Company

Here at BHD Auctions customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our goal is to effectively advertise and promote our auctions to attract the right buyers to the auction. Whether you have 1 item, an entire estate  or a business that you need auctioned we are the company for you.

What is the first thing you should do if you have been put in charge of an estate? STOP! Don’t throw anything away! So many people make the mistake thinking they are helping out by disposing of some of the clutter, when in all reality they could be getting rid of some of the most valuable items in the home. Most of our clients are shocked when they find out what is valuable in the market today compared to what they think would be. So call us first and let the professionals tell you what is valuable and what is not.

How far will we travel? We have sold estates and collections from Ohio, New York, West Virginia and PA. We are well known in our surrounding counties of Allegheny, Butler and Beaver for selling entire Estates, Collections and Antique Items. We are best known for our photography and honesty of accurately describing our items since both of these are crucial when selling online, you need to make sure the buyer has confidence in the auctioneer and the item will be as described.

Photography is key in online auction sales

The phrase a picture speaks a thousand words couldn’t be more true when selling an item in an online auction. That’s why we strive to take the most professional photographs possible, with a photo area designed for small items and even a large area with a back drop for furniture. Quality is great however the bidders need to see the whole item as well (front, back, top bottom – 360 degrees) we average 2000 to 4000 photographs per auction to make sure the bidders know exactly what they are bidding on and our consignors know that we are presenting their items properly.

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The Process

1. A representative from BHD will come and look at the items you are
interested in auctioning. At that time all the details are worked out and a
contract signed.

2. The items will be picked up by BHD or in some cases the seller brings
them to BHD.

3. Your items are cataloged and photographed

4. Approximate date and time for auction are established and pictures are uploaded to internet websites for advertising purposes.

5. Your items are auctioned off to the highest bidder!

We offer two types of online auctions, the items can either be auctioned directly
out of the home or they can be transported to our facility. With the growing
popularity of the internet in todays marketplace it has become a more
preferred way for buyers and more profitable for sellers reaching a
higher number of interested bidders.

BHD Auctions will MATCH OR BEAT any Western PA Auction or Estate Sale companies quoted commission price. Never asking for money upfront, never any hidden fees, we charge a flat commission rate and a pickup fee when necessary. Give us a call to set up your free consultation today.