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Evans City, PA


160. Ansonia Key Wind Steeple Clock in Mahogany Case, American Eagle Decorated Glass Panel Door - Has Key & Pendulum - Not Working
161. G. Tryon Copper Tea Kettle
162. 3 Children's Plates - Nippon, Buffalo Pottery and Royal Baby Plate
163. Carved Ivory Pendant
164. Brass Zippo Lighter - Hand w/ Playing Cards
165. Wood Rulers - Stanley No.136, Lufkin No.372R and Other
166. Small Stanley Plane and 2 Line Levels
167. 3 Sterling Silver Necklaces
168. 4 Bracelets Including Weiss & Vendome Plus A Rose Necklace
169. 3 Alumesh Whiting & Davis Woman's Hand Bags
170. Costume Jewelry Necklaces - Hattie Carnegie, Vogue
171. Falero Violin w/ Case
172. Tiger Stripe Maple Violin w/ WH Helmy Bow
173. 500 Wheat Cents
174. Assorted US Wheat Cents
175. 2 Binders of US Wheat Cents and Pennies
176. Complete 96 Coin Euro Collection and Binder of Canadian Nickels
177. Mathew B. Brady Photograph Prints of the Civil War
178. National Star Spangled Banner Centennial Booklet
179. Military and War Themed Postcards
180. 154 WWII Soldier Letters Dated Between 1942 thru 1945 - Peter Parasida
181. H. Troemner Brass Balance Scale
182. 11 Pair Vintage Eye Glasses
183. 8 Pair Vintage Eye Glasses
184. Folk Art Scroll Cut Wood Elephant Pull Toy in Original Paint
186. German Music Box In Paint Decorated Metal Box Signed Nurnberg MD - 1 Missing Tooth, No Key
187. Elgin 8 Day Watch, Illinois Spartan Case
188. Early Hallmarked Carving Set, English Silver w/ Ivory Handle Circa 1869
189. Small Dagger w/ Possibly Horn Handle Circa 1900
190. Primitive Wood Handle Knife
191. German WWI Trench Knife Solingen
192. 44 Cal Winchester Bullet Mold Marked W.O.F.
193. Tear Gas Gun & Billy Club - Federal Laboratories Pittsburgh PA Dated 1925
194. Strawberry Decorated Etruscan Majolica 9" Plate
195. Bamboo & Fern Majolica Oval Platter
196. Unusual Shaped Raspberry Decorated Majolica Dish
197. Japanese Elaborate Bronze Pricket Stick
198. 3 Part Tin Candle Mold
199. Miniature Wood Butter Press
200. Primitive Wood Decoy w/ Glass Eyes In Paint
201. Primitive Wood Decoy, Paint Decorated
202. Chinese Cloisonne Ornate Tea Pot
203. Durham Duplex Straight Razor In Original Case
204. Tru-Form Metals George F. Cake Co. Berkeley CA - Finger Cuffs ??
205. 8 Collectible Military Tokens
206. Tortoise (?) Shell Compote
207. Indian Redware Pottery Paint Decorated Bowl
208. Indian Redware Pottery Paint Decorated Bowl
209. Indian Redware Pottery Bowl
210. Handforged Wrought Iron Forks
211. Hand Forged Wrought Iron Flippers and Ember Tongs Late 18th C.
212. Unusual Cast Iron Lock
213. Child Size Cruet Set - As Found
214. Deer Mount on Carved Wood Oak Leaf & Acorn Shield Plaque
215. Bagley's Buckingham Cut Plug Smoking Tobacco Tins and Original Packing Box - Tins Are In Excellent Condition w/ Paper Label Remnants
216. 4 Bagley's Buckingham Cut Plug Smoking Tobacco Tins and a Burley & Bright Tobacco Tin - Tins Are In Excellent Condition w/ Paper Label Remnants
217. Framed Oil On Board Cottage On Lake
218. Framed Oil On Board Bridge Over Stream
219. Framed Oil On Board Country Road w/ Cottage Signed Jean Lindebora
220. 6000 Wheat Cents
221. 900 Wheat Cents 1930-1939
222. 350 Wheat Cents 1920-1929
223. 450 Wheat Cents S-Mint
224. 350 Wheat Cents 1910-1919
225. 12 RPO and Early Commemorative Stamped / Postmarked Postcards
227. 6 Black Americana Themed Post and Trade Cards
228. W.H. Bowen & Sons General Merchants TriFold Arm & Hammer Advertising Trade Card - Black Americana
229. Black Americana Children In Basket Advertising Trade Card and Barnum's Pets Chewing Gum Advertising Monkey Themed Card Circa 1880's
230. Philadelphia Company $1000 Stock Certificate Due 1946 and City of Jersey City $1000 Bond Certificate Stamped 1914
231. Worlds Fair Postcards
232. Early Primitive Wood Trencher, Carved From Single Log - Used by Seneca Indians
233. Hand Forged Wrought Iron Cooker w/ Spinnable Spinnable Holder
234. Geo. H. Lincoln Branch Insurance Office Black Glass w/ Gold Foil Glass Sign
235. Early Chinese Decorated Composition Console Bowl
236. Framed Portrait James Madison w/ Document Containing Washington Signature and Anna Nil???ayer Print
237. US Naval Belt Buckle Circa 1865 Horstmann
238. Assorted Pins - Dewey Political, American Red Cross, School Safety Patrol, The Greyhound Line Star Driver, US Naval Reserve, Radio Orphan Annie and More
239. Animal Hoof Vessel
240. 2 Herbrand PK105 Lockblade Knives and a Other
241. 3 Wood Rules - Stanley No.136, No.36 & No.62
242. Chauncey Jerome Key Wind 8 Day Clock in Steeple Style Mahogany Case w/ Frosted Glass Panel Door, Has Key & Pendulum
243. Doctor Whitcraft Metal Overwood Frame Black & Gold Glass Sign - AJ Carroll
244. Mason or Lodge Triangle Marble Display KofP B.P.-No.10 Present By Bro. Tom. Nesbitt 1902
245. Carved Marble / Alabaster Lamb - Golden Jubilee Mother M. Josepha
246. Unusual Terra Cotta Roof Peak Topper ???
247. Brass Bird Statue
248. Empire Style Shaving Mirror
249. Framed Oil On Canvas Gentleman in Deep Frame w/ Light - No Signature
250. Framed Oil On Canvas Woman in Deep Frame w/ Light - No Signature
251. Royal Doulton England Kingsware Pitcher
252. Doulton Lambeth England Stoneware Tobacco Jar
253. 2 Primitive Slaw Cutters One Has Tray
254. Steel Finger Jointed Kerosene Lantern w/ Star Cap
255. Revere Copper Kettle
256. Brass Bucket w/ Iron Handle E. Miller & Co. 1873 HGW Hayden's Pat.
257. Arcade Imperial Hand Crank Coffee Grinder
258. 2 Wood Block Pulleys
259. B&B Hardened Steel Antique Ice Skates Dated 1890
260. 2 Wood Block Planes
261. 6 Brass Sleigh Bells On Leather Strap
262. Antique Clay Pig
263. Primitive 3 Arm Towel Rack, Hand Mixer and Cutting Board
264. Whitehouse Vinegar Bottle and One Gallon Jar
265. 1 Gallon New Castle PA Linger Light Dairy Bottle
266. German Child's Hand Crank Sewing Machine
267. Deco Dutch Scene Glass Jar Spice Set w/ Wood Holder
268. Metal Ice Tongs, Wood Bobbin and Single Tree
269. Antique Tools - Auger, Draw Knife and More
270. Porcelain Oil Lamp w/ Nu-Type Aladdin Model B Burner & Aladdin Chimney
271. Fireman's Axe
272. Hand Forged Wrought Wall Mount Rack
273. Ornate Sterling Silver Handled Cane
274. Carved Bone Handle Cane Dated 1886
275. Carved Snake Cane
276. Tiffany & Co Sterling Silver Handle Carving Set - Monogrammed
277. Sterling and Hallmarked Silver Items
278. Hugo Moger Nachfolger Solingen Knives and Larsson & Hildebrand Forks
279. Collectible Spoons - Mary Poppins, Tony the Tiger, States, Merry Xmas, Etc.
280. Molded Stone Garden Display Angel 1776
281. American Eagle Honor Roll Plaque - Copper
282. Silverplate Items - Ladle, Forks, Spoons, Medicine Spoon, Etc.
283. Large Cast Iron Kettle
284. 3 Matching Glass Oil Lamps
285. Brass Footed Teapot
286. Colclough Tea Set - Sugar has base repair
287. Unusual Meat Serving Tray, James Dimon & Sons
288. Pewter Plate Bowl and Mug
289. Framed Oil On Canvas Mountain Cottage Scene
290. Framed Oil On Canvas Castle Village Scene
292. Carved Stone w/ Face - Marked EF
293. Molded Architectural Piece - Floral Motif
294. Bronze Oriental God Statue
295. Windup Tin Car and Other
296. Tasco Pocket Arithmometer,
297. Carved Vessel
298. Cast Iron Wall Mount Match Safe - Pat Jan 1, 1867
299. 3 Victorian Era Wax Figures Under Glass Domes
300. Early Oil On Canvas Portrait of Gentleman in Frame
301. Group of Letters and Speeches From Family in Verona PA Circa 1910-1930 - Senate of Maryland and Verona Public Schools Letter Head
302. Victorian Trade / Advertising Cards - Dogs, Painters Palette
303. Funeral Home & Undertaker Early 1900's Sales Receipts
304. Circa 1850's Advertising Newspaper / Book Pages
305. Under Drakes Flag by GA Henry Book
306. Grouping of Assorted Postcards
308. Old Bottles and Canning Jars
309. Unusual Antique Screwdriver Tool
310. 6 Chinese Mud Figurines
311. 5 Porcelain Oyster Plates
312. Blue Decorated Stoneware Sugar Jar
313. Antique Door Hardware - EZ Mortise
314. Sterling Silver Fly Pin, Chain and Brooch Plus a Mother Of Pearl Handle Pen
315. Cameo Necklace
316. Assorted Costume Jewelry
317. Silk Kneeling Rug
318. 3 Brass Williamsburg Trivets - Queen Ann Cypher 1950Type your paragraph here.

Item Description
1. Carved & Painted Deer Head Circa 1900 - Found in Maine
2. Roe Deer Circa 1890 German, Mounted on Acorn & Leaf Decor Plaque
3. Wood Decoy w/ Original Paint
4. Painted Wood Decoy w/ Glass Eyes
5. Pair Bronze Figures w/ Symbols
6. Cast Iron Woman's Shoe in Paint
7. Griswold Cast Iron Skillet #0
8. 2 Brass Ladle Style Strainers w/ Hand Forged Wrought Iron Handles
9. Early Finger Jointed Copper Candy Kettle
10. Pottery Fat Lamp - OH or PA 19th Cent.
11. Antique Padlock w/ Key Marked 444 Banklock
12. Wrought Iron Fork & Spatula American 19th Cent.
13. H. Kohlbusch New York Jewelers Balance Scale - Mahogany Case
14. New Haven Junior Windup Alarm Clock
15. Waterbury Clock Co. Windup Alarm Clock w/ Bell, Beveled Glass
16. Weller Pottery Warwick Ware Vase - Original Paper Tag
17. Russian Circa 1890 3 Handle Hammered Finger Jointed Copper Toasting Mug
18. Roe Deer Mount German Circa 1890 - Mounted on Oak Leaf Decor Wood Shield
19. Bald Eagle Scrimshaw Bone / Tooth - Mounted on Wood Base
20. Highly Decorated Bi Metal Alpaca Smoking Pipe
21. Brass Seals / Stamps with Wood Handles
22. Majolica Asparagus Strainer
23. 7 8" Majolica Strawberry Decorated Plates, Horn Mark - Chips & Hairlines
24. Finley Tooled Silver Pedestal Creamer - London 1796
25. Early Glass Syrup Pitcher
26. Candy Cane Stripe Art Glass Vase
27. Orange & White Stripe Art Glass Vase
28. Earthenware Pottery Tiles
29. Early Blown Glass Jar w/ Tin Lid, Pontil Bottom
30. Primitive Wall Mount Storage Box
31. Hand Carved Wood Butter Mold - Cow w/ Wheat
32. S.B. Jerome Octagonal Wall Clock w/ Key - Working
33. Masons Display - O. of I.A. Banksville Council No.720 (Order of Independent Americans Masonic Based Founder 1860's - Western PA Branch)
34. C.V. MFG Co. Cleveland Hunting Knife w/ Leather Sheath
35. G. Wostenholm & Son Washington Works Hoof Knife 19th Cent.
36. Bowie Knife w/ Horn Handle 19th Cent.
37. Framed Oil On Board Sailing Ship "Vardo" - No Signature
38. Framed Oil On Board Winter Coach Scene Signed J.L. Chapman
39. Framed Oil On Canvas Church Stream Scene
40. Early Documents Circa 1840-1870 : Oaths, Sales, Estate
41. Early Documents Circa 1840-1870 : Oaths, Sales, Estate, Coroner
42. Harper's Weekly and Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspapers
43. Framed Black and White Photograph NC Princess Jerusalem Chapter Rose Croix 1915
44. Primitive Painted Wood Checker Board
45. 4 Tins Including Beich's Pansy Marshmallows & Coffee
46. Old Skeleton Keys
47. US 30 Cal Ammunition Chest
48. WWII Correspondence, 1941-9145, John Malenich
49. Set of Copper Pots w/ Finger Jointed Bottoms
50. Folk Art Display Cabinet
51. Copper & Brass Bed Warmer w/ Wood Handle
52. Brass Ladle and Strainer with Hand Forged Wrought Iron Handles - FBS Canton
53. Roe Deer German Circa 1880 - Mounted On Acorn & Oak Leaf Wood Decorated Shield
54. Railroad Lantern w/ B&O RR Clear Glass Shade
55. Antique Cast Iron Railroad Torch Light Dayton Malleable Iron Co
56. Weeden Toy Steam Engine
57. Toy Wood Boat w/ Rudder in Paint
58. Original RCA Nipper Dog, Composition, Original Paint
59. Emerald Green Steam Punk Glasses
60. Bullet Mold - Recovered at Antietam Battlefield in the 1920's
62. Brass Powder Flask - American Flask & Cap Co.
63. Small Cast Iron Melting Pot - Pittsburgh
64. Pharmaceutical Glass Cotton Jar w/ Lid
65. Westward Ho Pattern Covered Cake Plate - Base Chip
66. Composition Theater Mask, Paint Decorated, Chin Repaired
67. Big Bang 105 MM Cannon w/ Original Box - Nice Clean Example
68. Antelope Covered w/ Real Animal Hyde
69. Carved Soapstone Bear Cub Pipe
70. Carved Wood Fish Plaque
71. Shadow Box w/ Borax Advertising
72. Russian Lacquered Painted Scene Box Circa 1920's
73. Pedro Cut Plug Smoking Tobacco Advertising Tin - Very Clean
74. Freehand Eagle Decorated Stoneware Snuff Crock, White's Utica
75. Antique Tin Betty Lamp
77. Thistle Pattern Carved Wood Butter Press
78. Antique Burl Wood Snuff Box
79. 2 Primitive Wood & Rope Handled Knives - Anderson
80. Civil War Era - Possibly a Surgical Bone Saw / Knife Signed H&C Disston
81. Boot Knife Circa 1880 American
82. McCoy Pottery Planter Calypso Boat, Black Americana
83. Steel Dog Door Stop
84. Carved Soap Stone Water Buffalo Figure
85. Carved Vessel, United States of America / Republica De Nicaragua
86. Shell Art Vanities
87. 3 Tonometers - EB Meyrowitz, Grafco Germany
88. Silver Crest Sterling Decorated Bronze Box
89. Wollensak Revere Stereo 33, 35MM Amaton Synchromatic Camera
90. Paillard Bolex, Switzerland Movie Camera
91. Unique Dunhill Sylph Petrol Lighter Made 1954-1961 England
92. Cast Bronze Scotty Dog
93. Cast Iron State Bank
94. Early Hand Forged Wrought Iron Flipper
95. Brass Spoon w/ Forged Iron Handle
96. German (?) Silver Spoon, Hallmarked, Inscribed 1752
97. Thistle Pattern Carved Wood Butter Press - Dated Apr17,1866
98. Cast Brass Candy Kettle Circa 1800
99. Punched Tin w/ Blown Glass Shade Candle Lantern - New England Circa 1835
100. Walnut Dovetailed Box w/ Tray Circa 1890
101. Framed Oil On Canvas Mountain Scene
102. Framed Oil On Board Mountain Stream Scene
103. Framed Oil On Canvas Lake Shore Scene
104. Whitman Liberty Dime 1892-1916 Book Containing 51 Dimes
105. Whitman Indian Cents Book (16) and 1853 Cent Certified VF-30 NNC
106. 20 Different US Large Cents
107. 5 Lincoln Penny Coin Books - All Partially Filled
108. 2000 Wheat Cents
109. Daughters of the American Revolution 1907 Programme and 2 NSDAR 1907 Ribbons
110. Grouping of Assorted Postcards
111. Victorian Trade and Advertising Cards
112. Tiger Maple Violin w/ 2 Bows and Case
113. Violin Stamped HOPF w/ Bow and Hard Shell Case
114. Early 1900's Dazey Hand Crank Butter Churn Model 630B
115. Wood Snow Shoes
116. Primitive Childs Wood Slat Sled
117. Edwards Brass No-Key Early Combination Padlock
118. Hand Carved Folk Art Face Wall Shelf
119. Plaster Phrenology Head - L.N. Fowler ?
120. Pittsburgh Lamp w/ Scenic Reverse Painted Shade - NO Markings Owner Claims Pittsburgh Lamp
121. Small Bennington Dog Figure w/ Heavy Glaze
122. Stencil Decorated Highback Arm Chair
123. Highly Carved, Caned Back & Seat, Throne Style Chair
124. Flamed Mahogany Dresser Top Shaving Mirror w/ Drawer, Empire - Made by Noalt Clouse Cabinet Maker New Phil. OH Circa 1840
125. Marquetry Inlay Checkerboard Top Parlor Table
126. Rush Seated Ladder Back Childs Chair
127. Early Wood Tom Drum In Paint - Needs Some TLC
128. Tramp Art Style Plant Stand
129. Western Flyer Wood Snow Skies
130. Primitive Antique Phillips No.2 Steel Point Wood Snow Shovel
131. Acme Rotary Automatic Primitive Seeder, Potato Implement Co.
132. Medium Size Wood Walking Wheel
133. 2 Man Wood Cutting Saw and 4 Prong Pitch Fork
134. Wood Apple Butter Stirrer / Paddle
135. Oak Framed Wall Mirror
136. Canco Copper & Zinc Boiler - No Lid
137. Sheaffer's Leads, Old Store Counter Top Advertising Display
138. Faventia Barcelona Miniature Hurdy Gurdy Street Upright Piano, Hand Crank 6 Tune Music Organ
139. American Weight Driven Banjo Clock, Dial Signed Talbo, Dedham Mass., Original Reverse Painted Glass, Circa 1820
140. 3 Stack Macey Barrister Bookcase, Finish 15
141. 2 Early Books - Pittsburg Copyright 1893 and History of Delaware Co. Pennsylvania 1884
142. Volumes II and IV - A Century and A Half of Pittsburg And Her People 1908
143. Life Of Washington Volumes III and IV 1856 & 1857
144. Pair of Framed Silhouettes
145. The New World Wide Postage Stamp Album (Partially Filled) and 2 Framed Lighthouse Prints w/ Stamps
146. Complete Set of Declaration of Independence Signers Medals - 57 Total Medallic Art Co.
147. America In Space First Edition Solid Bronze Proof Set Medals / Coins
148. Document Presented to Ulysses G. Palmer w/ Frank Compton (Founder of Compton's Encyclopedia) Autograph
149. 2 Pittsburgh Steel Tube Company Documents Signed by Pennsylvania Governor William Cameron Sproul
150. Assorted Paper Items - Stereo View Card, Political Sticker, Postcard, Harpers Weekly Cartoon Cutouts, Etc.
151. John Vance Cheney - Signature House
152. 10 Old Canning Jars w/ Zinc and Glass Lids
153. 8 Old Canning Jars w/ Zinc and Glass Lids
154. Framed Oil On Canvas Folk Art Stone Bridge Scene Painting 19th c.
155. Metal Frame CN Miller Gold Foil Behind Glass, Sign
156. Framed Handcut Valentine w/ Poem
157. German Fraktur Watercolor Dated 1823
158. Primitive Wood Dough Bowl / Trencher
159. Pressed Brass V. Cipolla Specialist of Balsamo Manus Dei Sign w/ Wood Back Mount- Hoffman Sign CoType your paragraph here.