Estate Auction January 10 Thru 16 2020

Online Bidding Only Antiques and Collectibles Auction

Highlights Include Victorian Lighting, Crystal Lamp, Hummel Figurines, Edison Phonograph, Music Box , Stamp Collection, Currency and Much More

Newly Added Costume Shop Items – Mascot Costumes, Military, Cowboy & Indian, Wizard of Oz, Etc.

This is a timed auction with Lots 1-6 ending at 7:00PM on Jan. 16 and 6 Lots per minute there after.

**CHANGE IN PICKUP DAYS FOR JAN. 2020 FROM STANDARD SCHEDULE** – Pickup of items is Jan. 17 10AM to 1PM and Saturday Jan. 18 9AM to 12PM. Location 124 Primrose Alley Evans City, PA 16033

SHIPPING:  Any bidder needing items shipped must call for approval prior to bidding.


Item Description
1. Edison Standard Cylinder Phonograph w/ Witches Hat Horn, Model C Reproducer – Runs
2. Assorted Edison Cylinder Phonograph Records
3. Sligh Grandfather Clock 25x14x83
4. Unusual Mahogany Etagere w/ Mirror 26x12x63
5. Oak w/ Applied Carving Serpentine Front Drop Front Writing Desk 27x17x40
6. Highly Carved Mahogany Rocking Chair
7. Ornate Walnut Vanity w/ Bench – Williamsport Furniture Company
8. 3 Drawer Victorian Chest w/ Glove Boxes and Marble Insert 39x19x38
9. Unusual Spider Leg Bench 46x12x25
10. Oak w/ Applied Carving Side by Side Bookcase / Secretary Desk 29x13x69
11. Oak Hall Bench w/ Storage, Man of North Applied Carving, Paw Feet 44x23x41
12. Ornate Empire Style , Highly Carved Settee, Paw Feet 46x24x33
13. Torchier Floor Lamp, Cast Metal Base w/ Onyx, Embossed Glass Shade 63″ Tall
14. Torchier Floor Lamp, Cast Metal Base w/ Onyx, Swirl Glass Shade 64″ Tall
15. Complete Oak Mantle w/ Candle Stands (can be removed), Applied Carving, Mirrored Back – Overall Dimensions 53x12x84 Fireplace Opening 35×39.5
16. Antique Wood child’s Cradle 37x27x21
17. Auto Krat Wood Ironing Board
18. Oval Top Single Drawer Parlor Table 42×27.5×30
19. Antique Washstand w/ Towel Bar 31x17x56
20. Victorian Pull Down Oil Lamp Chandelier w/ Prisms, Embossed Glass Shade – Electric Conversion
21. Ceiling Mount Glass Prismed Chandelier
22. Ansonia Porcelain Case Floral Decorated Key Wind Clock – Referee
23. Refinished Mahogany Music Cabinet 20x14x39
24. Highly Carved w/ Cross Church Kneeling Chair 19x16x37
25. MJ Hummel Club Exclusive Edition “At Grandpa’s” Figurine w/ Original Box
26. MJ Hummel Limited Edition “St. Nicholas’ Day” Figurines w/ Original Box
27. MJ Hummel Figurines – Heavenly Protection and Small Girl Stirring
28. MJ Hummel Museum Standee and Collector’s Club Figurine
29. Ornate Victorian Pull Down Oil Lamp Chandelier w/ Prisms, Red Glass Shade
30. Modern Single Door Cabinet 35x14x30
31. Large Mirror In Ornate Gold Frame 54x4x34
32. Oil On Canvas In Ornate Gold Frame 32×28
33. Schutz-Marke Brevete Symphonion Hand Crank Windup 7.5″ Disc Music Box w/ Extra Discs
34. 2 Jadeite Glass Rabbits on Nest – Smith
35. Jadeite Glass Cat On Basket
36. Jadeite Glass Floral Decorated Pitcher
37. Highly Carved Removable Glass Top Table 30x23x21
38. Cuckoo Clock Case – Insides Replaced
39. Glass Perfume Bottles w/ Ornate Metal Holders and Tray
40. Vintage Hat Pins w/ Nippon Holder
41. Princess Feather Pattern Blue Glass Oil Lamp
42. Ornate Hand Painted Porcelain Oil Lamp w/ Cherub
43. Press Carved Antique Ginger Bread Key Wind Clock w/ Gold Stenciled Glass Door – Key & Pendulum
44. Hand Painted Floral Design Banquet Style Electrified Oil Lamp – Shade Damaged
45. MJ Hummel Goebel 16 Piece Nativity Set w/ Wood Manager
46. Stamps – England 1864 Penny Reds to 1890’s
47. Postage Stamp Album American Bicentennial 1776-1976
48. All American Stamp Album – Some Older, Nearly Complete From 1935-1976
49. Stamps – Iceland, Greenland, Scandinavia, Europe, Mint Never Hinged
50. Tiffany Style Lead Glass Shade w/ Cast Metal Base Table Lamp
51. Victorian Photo Album
52. MJ Hummel Goebel Figurine – Religious
53. MJ Hummel Goebel Figurine – Religious
54. MJ Hummel Goebel Figurines Apple Tree Boy & Girl
55. Hummel Porcelain Dolls
56. 3 Saw Tooth Pattern Cake Pedestals and Tray
57. 2 Leaf Pattern Bowls w/ Underplates
58. Sunflower Pattern Perfume Bottles, Powder Jar and Plaques
59. Hammered Brass & Copper Wall Sconce
60. 4 Le Cordon Bleu Franklin Mint Porcelain Pudding Molds
61. Antique Logan and Strobridge Hand Crank Coffee Grinder
62. 2 Princess Feather Pattern Clear Glass Oil Lamps
63. Stock Certificates Including United Electric Light Co., Rochester & Pittsburgh Coal Co., Pan American World Airways Inc., Etc.
64. Stock Certificates, Checks and More
65. Military Related Paper Items, Pins, Patches and More
66. WWII Donald Strogren Letters – Approx. 170
67. Military Correspondence, $2 Silver Certificate Engraving Replica and More
68. 4 Antique Autograph Books
69. Tin Types and CDV Cards – One w/ Civil War Revenue Stamp
70. Lincoln Memorial Uncirculated Copper Penny Set and 6 Certified US Coins
71. Floral Decorated Hand Painted Banquet Style Parlor Lamp
72. Adlake Padlock w/ Key
73. Windup Musical Birdcage – ELPA Germany
74. Windup Musical Birdcage
75. Finger Jointed Hand Crank Coffee Grinder
76. Cast Iron No. 866 2 Part Lamb Mold
77. Cast Aluminum 2 Part Lamb Mold
78. Cut Crystal Glass Prismed Lamp w/ Matching Shade
79. 5 Russian Fairy Tale Music and Trinket Boxes
80. 5 Russian Fairy Tale Music Boxes
81. Depression Era Walnut Dresser Top Glove Box
82. Oak Wall Mount Mirror w/ Carving
83. 1880 Democratic Presidential Political Campaign Cloth – Gen. Winfield S. Hancock & Hon. William H. English
84. 4 Zippo Lighters
85. MJ Hummel Century Collection Large Figurine “Fond Good-Bye” w/ Original Box
86. 4 Hummel Scapes Collection w/ Original Boxes
87. MJ Hummel Figurine “Chapel Time” w/ Original Box
88. 2 MJ Hummel Goebel Figurines – “Playmates” and “Cinderella”
89. Fine Bisque Porcelain Franklin Mint “The Black Australian Swan”
90. Doll Trunk and Ginny Wardrobe w/ Vanity
91. Children’s Kitchen Gadgets
92. 2 Midge Barbie Dolls 1962 and Clothing Including Black Label
93. Ansonia Clock Patented Dec. 14 1886 On Unusual Ornate Brass Post
94. Victorian Stick and Ball Footrest
95. 14K Gold Ring w/ Assorted Stones – Total Approx. Weight 5.51 Grams
96. 14K Gold Ring w/ Oval Diamond Cut Amber Stone – Total Approx. Weight 3.63 Grams
97. Cameo Necklaces and Ring Plus a Loose One
98. Assorted Costume Jewelry Necklaces
99. Sterling Silver Rings, Charms, Bracelets, Horse Pin, Etc.
100. Ansonia Porcelain Cased Clock Blue w/ Floral Decoration and Man of the North Face – Review
101. Crystal Glass Prismed Lamps w/ Cut to Clear Ruby Shades – Chipped
102. Green Glass Oil Lamp w/ Embossed Frosted Glass Shade
103. 2 House of Faberge Imperial Music Boxes – Franklin Mint
104. 2 House of Faberge Imperial Music Boxes – Franklin Mint
105. MJ Hummel Goebel Century Collection Large Figurine “Here’s My Heart” w/ Original Box
106. MJ Hummel Goebel Century Collection Large Figurine “Let’s Tell The World” w/ Original Box
107. MJ Hummel Goebel Figurine “The Tuba Player” w/ Original Box – Don Fishman
108. MJ Hummel Goebel Century Collection Figurine “Pleasant Journey” w/ Original Box
109. Ornate Cast Iron Chandelier
110. Assorted Comics and Playball Superstar Collectible Plaques
111. Yoshiya KO Space Whale Ship Wind-up Tin Toy PX-3 Pioneer and Battery Operated Monkey
112. Ertl Cast Metal Farm Tractor and Accessories
113. Vintage Battery Flashlight, Mattel Fanner 50 Cap Gun and Bicentennial Telescope
114. Carved Wood Wall Shelves & Architectural Pieces
115. Wood and Porcelain Vintage Rolling Pins
116. Blue & White Porcelain Figurine
117. Gold Painted Iron w/ Prisms Electric Wall Sconces
118. Brass And Irons and Fireplace Screen
119. 5 Gallon Glass Bottle w/ Tiltable Metal Holder
120. Unusual Brass Hanging Lamp – Possibly Stiffel
121. Griswold Cast Iron Pieces
122. Victorian Hat/Coat Rack w/ Mirror and Shelf, Wall Mount 58×31
123. Large Group of Older and Scarcer US Stamps
124. Stamps – 2 Complete Sets Famous Americans – One Mint One Used, Plus Other 1930’s Mint and Used
125. Stamps – Worldwide Souvenir Sheets and Others
126. Vintage MacGregor Leather Catchers Mitt, Personal Model Bill Dickey
127. 4 Royal Australian Mint Proof Coin Sets 1975-7 & 1980
128. 4 Royal Australian Mint Proof Coin Sets 1971-74
129. Stamps – 1950’s-60’s 250 Mint US Postcards and Entires (Some Duplication)
130. 1857 Fashionable Hatter Ad, 1844 Auction Sales Letter, Early Stamped Postcards
131. Large Group of Early Documents Circa 1830’s-40’s Plus More
132. Wood Block Pulley
133. Ornate Brass & Cast Metal Prismed Chandelier
134. 14K Gold Ring w/ Large Pink Ice Gemstone (loose in setting) – Total Approx. Weight 6.22 Grams
135. 14K White Gold Ring w/ Cut Deep Blue Gem Stone – Total Approx. Weight 4.51 Grams
136. Assorted Costume Jewelry Necklaces
137. 14K Gold Heart Charm Bracelet – Total Approx. Weight 16.74 Grams
138. Woman’s Pins Including 14K Gold, Sterling Silver Bar and Others, Victorian, Etc.
139. Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet – Total Approx. Weight 15.97 Troy Oz.
140. 5 Vintage Bakelite Bracelets
141. Assorted Indian Style Silver Jewelry – Unmarked
142. Horse Themed Pocket Knives
143. Assorted Costume Jewelry Bracelets
144. Hand Painted Brush & Mirror Set and a Ornate Dresser Mirror Plateau
145. Neo Classical Lamp w/ Fringe Bell Shade
146. 3 Franklin Mint Le Cordon Bleu Molds
147. Noritake Ivory China “Lexine” Japan Dish Set
148. MJ Hummel Goebel Figurine The Berlin Series Freedom Edition “Checkpoint Charlie” w/ OB
149. 2 Hummel Goebel Porcelain Dolls
150. MJ Hummel Goebel W. Germany Figurine 1967 – Woman w/ Baby
151. 3 MJ Hummel Goebel Figurines – Children w/ Sheep
152. Porcelain Clock Ansonia – Needs put back together
153. Ansonia Floral Decorated Porcelain Clock w/ Highly Ornate Dial Face “Accomac”
154. Collectible Match Safes Including Bisque Figural, Glass Dog Houses, Etc.
155. Jadeite Glassware – Shoe Match Holder, Bowl and Batter Bowl (chipped)
156. Quantity Miniature Animals
157. Pressed and Cut Glass Dresser Boxes
158. Brassware – 2 Match Safes, Boot Jack and Card Holder
159. Franklin Porcelain “The Silent Swan” w/ Base
160. P&A Brass & Cast Metal Victorian Oil Lamp – Electric Conversion
161. Decorated Match Safes / Holders
162. 14K White Gold Ring – Total Approx. Weight 4.92 Grams
163. 10K White Gold Ring Set 3 Multi Colored Stones – Total Approx. Weight 3.66 Grams
164. 14K 8″ Gold Bracelet – Total Approx. Weight 22.62 Grams
165. 14K 8″ Gold Bracelet – Total Approx. Weight 11.34 Grams
166. Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet (most of the charms are not marked)
167. Assorted Costume Jewelry Necklaces
168. Costume Necklaces, Earrings and Pins
169. Assorted Costume Jewelry Necklaces
170. Assorted Costume Jewelry Bracelets
171. Costume Jewelry Necklace & Earring Sets, Pin & Earring Set and Necklace
172. Sterling Silver Jewelry
173. Assorted Collectible Items
174. International Sterling Silver Compact
175. Mattel’s Man In Space Major Matt Mason Space Station w/ Original Box (complete unknown) Dated 1966 Plus Mattel Space Crawler 5
176. Gilbert James Bond 007 Action Figure w/ Original Box and Accessories
177. Quantity Dept.56 Snowbabies Miniatures
178. Quantity Dept.56 Snowbabies Miniatures and Bottle Brush Trees
179. Dept.56 Snowbabies Miniatures and Bottle Brush Trees
180. Bradley & Hubbard Victorian Brass Banquet Oil Lamp 57″ Tall
181. Unique Hanging Brass Light with Etched Glass Panels
182. Russian Musical Fairy Tale Eggs
183. Russian Eggs and Fairytale Music Boxes
184. Vanity Trays w/ Matching Perfume Bottles
185. Bisque and Porcelain Match Safes
186. Princess Feather Pattern Oil Lamps
187. Princess Feather Pattern Finger Oil Lamp and Other
188. WM Gilbert Model 100 Electric Clock
189. Cast Metal Hanging Light Fixture
190. MJ Hummel Goebel Century Collection W. Germany “Call To Worship” w/ OB
191. MJ Hummel Goebel W. Germany “Ring Around The Rosie” 1957 w/ OB
192. Thorens Music Box Carved Wood Made In Switzerland “Younger Than Springtime”
193. MJ Hummel Goebel Puppet Theater w/ Figures Original Boxes
194. MJ Hummel Goebel “Airlift Memorial” w/ OB
195. MJ Hummel Figurine Madonna w/ Child Full Bee Mark Early Version
196. Figural Musician Lamps w/ Etched Glass Shades – Collection Francaise
197. 14K & 10K Gold Chains and Charms
198. Assorted Pins Including 10K Gold Gulf Service, Boy Scouts, American Legion and Others
199. Carved Wood Holy Water Box
200. Collection of Dept. 56 Miniature Snow Babies
201. Collection of Dept. 56 Miniature Snow Babies
202. Collection of Dept. 56 Miniature Snow Babies
203. 4 Franklin Mint Le Cordon Bleu & Portugal Molds
204. Collection of Dept. 56 Miniature Snow Babies
205. Collection of Dept. 56 Miniature Snow Babies
206. Hand Painted Lenwile China Ardalt Japan
207. Goebel W. Germany Animals
208. Hand Painted Fenton Cat Artist Signed
209. Israel Stamps and Covers
210. 1899 Series “Black Eagle” One Dollar Silver Certificate
211. 1866 US 2 Cent Piece
212. 6 US 50 State Quarters Proof Sets and 2009 US Mint Presidential $1 Coin Proof Set
213. 3 United States Mint Uncirculated Coin Sets – 2008, 2009 and 2011
214. 2012 US Mint Silver Proof Set
215. Coins – 1974 Nepal Proof Sets (3), 1981 Iceland Proof Set, 1973 Russian Mint Sets (3) and 1972 Spain Proof Sets (4)
216. Decorative Dresser / Storage Boxes
217. Emerald / Green Glass
218. Carved Wood Shelves and Architectural Pieces
219. House of Faberge Imperial Music Box Collection Music Boxes
220. House of Faberge Imperial Music Box Collection Music Boxes
221. MJ Hummel Goebel Figurine Skier w/ OB
222. MJ Hummel Goebel Trio Collection First Edition A Tuneful Trio Figurine w/ OB
223. MJ Hummel Goebel Figurine Christmas Delivery w/ OB
224. MJ Hummel Goebel Figurine Plaque Soldier Boy w/ OB
225. Collection of Match Safes and Matchbox Holders
226. Assorted Pressed Glass
227. Mattel Talking Charmin Chatty Changeable Record Doll w/ Original Box and Accessories WORKING 1962
228. Kenner’s Spirograph 1967
229. Quantity Dept. 56 Miniature Snowbabies
230. 14K White Gold Ring Marked Keepsake Missing Stones – Total Approx. Weight 2.49 Grams
231. 14K gold Band – Total Approx.. Weight 4.73 Grams
232. Ever Swiss 17 Jewel Pocket Watch
233. Assorted Costume Jewelry Rings
234. Assorted Wrist Watches – Most Appear to Be Never Worn
235. Pocket Watches, Bolo Ties, Fancy Pen, Compact, Spiders, Etc.
236. Assorted Hair Clips and More
237. Crystal Prismed Chandelier
238. 4 Goebel W. Germany Figurines Unity n Division Series
239. MJ Hummel Goebel “Stormy Weather” Figurine
240. International Sterling Silver “Prelude” Compote – Weighted
241. 2 Glass Baskets w/ Matching Under Plate
242. Display Box
243. Pair Ornate Bisque Figural Vases
244. Wood Wall Shelf & Mirror w/ Applied Carving
245. Hummel Goebel Musikfest Collection “Christmas Time” & “Christmas Wish”
246. 2 MJ Hummel Goebel Figurines “Hello World” w/ Box (not correct) and Millennium First Issue
247. 2 MJ Hummel Goebel Figurines “Homeward Bound” and Girl Looking at Ducks 1956
248. Princess Feather Pattern Clear Glass Oil Lamp w/ Hand Painted Shade w/ Unusual Glass Collar?
249. Dept.56 Snowbabies Bisque Hinged Boxes
250. Dept.56 Snowbabies Bisque Hinged Boxes & Others
251. Dept.56 Snowbabies Miniatures
252. Dept.56 Snowbabies Miniatures Display Cabinet and Wall Mount Shelves
253. 6 Berta Hummel Figurines
254. Ornate Cast Metal and Hand Painted Ewer Lamp
255. MJ Hummel Goebel 1957 Boy and Girl w/ Umbrella Figurines
256. MJ Hummel Century Collection “Welcome Spring” Figurine w/ Original Box
257. 3 MJ Hummel Goebel Figurines w/ Boxes – Pretty Posie, Pocketful of Posies and Other
258. Jadeite Glass Swan, Duck and Beehive Toothpick Holders (?)
259. Princess Feather Pattern Clear Glass Oil Lamp and Other
260. Cast Iron Wall Mount Match Holder, Wood Mortar w/ Pestle and Cuckoo Clock (as is)
261. Religious Items, Trinket Boxes and Perfume Bottle
262. Oil Lamp w/ Mercury Glass Reflector and Cast Iron Holder
263. Assorted Small Items In Case Including 1968 PA Hunting License, War Ration Book, Knives, Etc.
264. Collection of US Transit Tokens
265. 29 US Proof Dollars (no duplicates)
266. British Virgin Islands 1973 Proof Coin Sets w/ First Day Covers (3 sets 15 coins)
267. Group of Early Funeral Invoices
268. US 1940’s -50’s Cached First Day Covers (Approx.160) Plus Other Misc. (50+)
269. 28 US WWII Cached First Day Covers
270. 8 Different Mercury Dimes, 2 1919 Buffalo Nickels and 4 Early Mint Marked Wheat Pennies
271. Lincoln Head Cent Collection Book 1941 to Present
272. 1974 India Proof Coin Sets – Includes Large Silver Coin, 13,000 Mintage
273. US 1821-1921 Missouri Centennial Half Dollar
274. 1963 US Mint Set Philadelphia
275. Paper Notes – $20 Confederates States of America Richmond 1864 and Five Dollars The State of Louisiana 1863
279. Display Cases – No Tops
280. Mirrors, Pans, Barbie Car
281. Quantity Assorted Crystal Prisms
282. Old Movie Reels – One Tagged “Apple Andy-Andy Panda”
283. Saw Tooth Pattern Glass Lamp w/ Bell Shaped Fringe Shade
284. Italy Floral Decorated Ceramic Pudding Molds
285. Vintage Dazey Hand Mixer
286. Perfume Bottle, Pin Trays In Holder and Hand Painted Vanity Items
287. Metlox Goose Cookie Jar
288. Trinket Boxes Including Lenox
289. Miniature Glass and Porcelain Animals
290. Assorted Size Glass Swans
291. Pressed Carved Architectural Pieces
292. Cut and Pressed Glass Including Hanging Horns
293. Vintage Baby Buggy and Assorted Dolls – Hanna Barbera Ideal
294. Assorted Size Glass Oil Lamp Chimneys
295. Assorted Collectibles
296. Porcelain Bird Figures
297. US Mint Proof Sets 2005-6 and US 1970 Proof Set
298. 13 Proof Nickels (12 different) 1956-1983
299. 35 Lewis & Clark Commemorative Proof Nickels 2004-2008
300. 4 US Mint Proof Sets 2003-6 and 3 Proof Sets 1970(2) & 1996
301. 1936 Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue and Other Vintage Catalogs
302. Occupied Japan Pieces and More
303. Crescent Snow Drift and Victory Plain Flour Bags
304. Cast Iron Victorian Pull Down Chandelier Hardware
305. Faro Millennium Series Christmas Plates
306. Concrete / Plaster Rabbits and Pig
307. Fancy Wall Shelves
308. Glass Shelves, Haeger Covered Dish, As IS Wash Bowl & Pitcher and More
309. Giraffe Figure / Statue
310. Goebel Hummelscapes Display Pieces
311. Bird Display Figures
312. Candle Holders, Egg Dish, Lamp Shade, Etc.
313. Clear Glass Pitcher, Covered Butter, Etc.
314. Framed Cut Paper Diorama’s
315. Pittsburgh Pirate Team Posters and MVP Players Collector Pin Series
316. Assorted China
317. Fireking and Pyrex Baking Items
318. Assorted Figurines
319. Sundae Cups and Wines
320. Vintage Baby / Doll Clothing, Dolly’s Facial Kit and Barbie Doll Accessories
321. Assorted Figurines
322. Match Safe, Shaving Mug and More
323. Marble Cheese Board, Dishes, Decorative Wall Fountain
324. Pair Clear Glass Floral Decorated Lamps
325. Box Lot Misc. Items
326. Assorted Glasses
327. Lighting – Table Lamp, Handing Light and Shades
328. Swan Flower Holder, Bunny Mold, Marbles and More
329. Clear Glass Including Punch Bowl and Pedestals
330. Brass Chandelier
331. Elmo Adult Size Mascot Character Costume
332. Panda Bear Adult Mascot Size Character Costume
333. Blue From Blues Clues Adult Size Mascot Character Costume
334. Clifford The Dog Adult Size Mascot Character Costume
335. Cookie Monster Adult Size Mascot Character Costume
336. Tigger Adult Size Mascot Character Costume
337. Winnie The Pooh Adult Size Mascot Character Costume
338. Minion Adult Size Mascot Character Costume
339. Kermit Adult Size Mascot Character Costume
340. Two Person Horse Adult Size Mascot Character Costume
341. Dalmatian Dog Adult Size Mascot Character Costume
342. US Air Force Military Uniforms – Jackets & Pants
343. Assorted Military Shirts and Cargo Pants
344. US Military Jackets (3) Including Officers
345. US Naval Clothing and More
346. 2 German Military Coats and a Pair of Pants
347. US Military Jackets and Pants
348. Pittsburgh PA American Legion Uniform & Police Uniform / Costumes with Caps
349. Military Pants w/ Caps and Female Military Skirt (?)
350. French Military Uniform, Swedish Military Jacket and Cadet Uniform
351. Fancy Military Costumes – Hand Made w/ Embroidery
352. Vintage 70’s and Ethnic Style Clothing Including Embroidery Tops and Skirts
353. Handmade Men’s and Women’s Indian Costumes
354. Vintage Wizard of Oz Theatrical Costumes Including Dorothy, Wizard, Tin Man, Scare Crow, Lion and Munchkins
355. Girls Military Style Gold & White Dance Outfits – Different Ensembles
357. 4 Adult Size Indian / Ranger Costumes
358. Child Size Boys Western / Cowboy Outfits
359. Child size Boys and Girls Indian Costumes


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