Antiques Primitives Folk Art Auction 2/28 – 3/05 2020

Online Bidding Only Antiques Primitives Folk Art Auction

Early Highlights – Decorated Stoneware, Churn, Primitive Utensils, Spool Cabinet, Vaillancourt Chalkware Rabbits, Folk Art Dolls and Much More!

This is a timed auction with Lots 1-6 ending at 7:00PM on March 5 and 6 Lots per minute there after. Pickup of items is Friday Mar.6 10AM to 1PM and Sat. Mar.7 9AM to 12PM. Location 124 Primrose Alley Evans City, PA 16033


Item Description
1. Stencil and Freehand Decorated Stoneware Jug – M. Reilley 1309 &1311 Main Street Wheeling WVA
2. Stencil Decorated Blue & Gray Stoneware Crock Hamilton & Jones Greensboro PA w/ Floral Decoration
3. 4 Stripe Free Hand Decorated Blue & Gray Stoneware Crock
4. 3 Drawer Clark’s O.N.T. Spool Cabinet
5. Primitive Painted Wood Cart
6. Antique Primitive Wood Cradle In Paint
7. Early Wood Quilt / Drying Rack
8. Early Primitive Cranberry Scoop w/ Stencil Marking
9. Iron and Brass Bed Warmer
10. Child’s Vanity w/ Tilt Mirror
11. Framed Winter Scene Print Entitled “White Mountain Winter” Pencil Signed Litho Will Moses 131/375
12. Framed Winter Scene Litho Signed In Pencil Will Moses Entitled “Fetching Home The Tree” 242/500
13. Primitive Tin A.M. Amos Buffalo NY Steamer / Cooker
14. Folk Art Hand Painted Wood Storage Box by Lydia Cora Kempe
15. Antique Primitive All Wood Washboard
16. 2 Antique Lemon Squeezers – Wood & Cast Iron
17. Folk Art Hand Painted Small Cabinet
18. Carved Wood Glass Eye Decoy In Paint
19. Victorio Hand Crank Primitive Churn w/ Wood Paddles
20. Unique Mahogany Sewing Box
21. Hand Painted Figural Shakers, Cutting Board w/ Knife and Other Signed F. Poole
22. Child’s Wringer Washer w/ Tub and Wash Board – Anchor Brand Wringer
23. Child’s Tin Drum, Scoop and Wood Top
24. 5 Folk Art Dolls – Miss Fannie Turgeon’s, Joyce Tapply Bingham
25. Carved Wood Folk Art Animals Signed John Valletta
26. Miniature Blue & White Willoware Tea Set
27. Vaillancourt Folk Art Chalkware Easter Rabbit Figure Small Bunny with Large Pink Flower #160 620@1989 Signed Christine Ledin
28. Vaillancourt Folk Art Chalkware Easter Rabbit Figure Baby Bunny Sitting on Mothers Back #59 MD34@1993 Signed Christine Ledin
29. Vaillancourt Folk Art Chalkware Easter Rabbit Figure Large Rabbit on Stump Holding Basket #84 635@1990 Signed Christine Ledin
30. Vaillancourt Folk Art Chalkware Easter Rabbit Figure Small Bunny Pushing Yellow Polka Dot Egg #336 9509@1995
31. MJ Hummel Goebel Figurine 1871 1996 W. Goebel Porzellanfabrik Century Collection “Love’s Bounty” w/ Original Box
32. MJ Hummel Goebel Figurine Moments In Time “Soap Box Derby” w/ Original Box
33. MJ Hummel Goebel Figurine First Issue “Wonder of Christmas”
34. 4 MJ Hummel Goebel Figurines w/ Boxes
35. 4 MJ Hummel Goebel Figurines w/ Boxes
36. 2 Carnival Glass Bowls
37. Frigidaire Frosted Green Glass Triple Spout Iced Tea Server w/ Lid
38. Embossed Fern Decor Phoenix Glass Vase
39. Hand Painted Fenton Glass Vase
40. Goldscheider Everlast Madonna Figure
41. Haeger Art Deco Bird Statue
42. Royal Doulton Drake Toby Mug
43. Royal Doulton Robinson Crusoe Toby Mug D6532 1959
44. Toy Xylophone
45. Japan Mountain Special Battery Operated Train w/ OB
46. Gee-Wiz No.40 Horse Racing Game w/ OB – Wolverine Supply
47. RRPCo Jardiniere
48. Majolica Cake Pedestal w/ Mark
49. Small Van Briggle Vase in Matte Finish
50. 3 Antique Draw Knives
51. General No.840 Doweling Jig w/ Box
52. 2 Stanley Wood Workers Hand Planes No.4 and No. 12-204
53. Bedrock Hand Plane No. 605
54. Butterfly Brass Miners Carbide Lantern
55. Ranco Postal Box Cover and Other w/ US Eagle Design
56. 3 Antique Wood Carpenters Planes
57. Stencil Decorated Blue & Gray 2 Gallon Stoneware Crock G.A. McCarthei (?) & Bro. Maysville NY – Small Hairline
58. Freehand Decorated Striped Stoneware Crock
59. Unusual Primitive All Wood Twig Banded Water Container – With Writing WHJ 1812 Floral Decorated
60. 8 Drawer Oak Wall Mount Spice Caddy
61. Thistle Pattern Butter Press
62. Stoneware Foot Warmer Langley England
63. Hand Crank Coffee Grinder Finger Joint Case
64. Primitive All Wood String Winder
65. Folk Art Shaker Style Boxes Decorated by Linda Kempe
66. 4 Tom Clark Gnomes
67. Paint Decorated Hand Mirrors F. Poole
68. Schylling Rocket Ride Carousel w/ Box
69. QSH Windup Motor Cycle w/ Sidecar Original Box
70. NR MS434 Key Wind Double Ferris Wheel w/ Original Box
71. Folk Art Paint Decorated Childs Cupboard
72. Doll Playpen ?
73. Primitive Columbia Express Childs Wagon
74. US Trunk Co. Steamer Trunk
75. Folk Art Decorated Small Cabinet by Linda Kempe
76. Nesting Stoneware Banded Mixing Bowls
77. Stoneware Crock w/ Primitive Utensils
78. Carved Wood Animal Mold and Carved Wood Cow In Pasture Paddle
79. Multi Blade Metal Chopper No.60
80. Wood Handle Multi Blade Chopper
81. Vaillancourt Folk Art Chalkware Easter Rabbit Figure Large Sprawling Rabbit #77 640@1991 Signed Christine Ledin
82. Vaillancourt Folk Art Chalkware Easter Rabbit Figure Brown Lady Rabbit with Striped Apron #288 618@1985 Signed Christine Ledin
83. Vaillancourt Folk Art Chalkware Easter Rabbit Figure Rabbit Sitting on Barrel Drinking #46 268@1968 Signed j.c. Vaillancourt
84. Vaillancourt Folk Art Chalkware Easter Rabbit Figure White Rabbit in Hat with Wheelbarrow of Eggs #64 653@1993 Signed Christine Ledin
85. MJ Hummel Goebel Figurine “Follow The Leader” w/ Original Box
86. MJ Hummel Goebel Figurine Century Collection “We Wish You The Best” w/ Original Box
87. 4 MJ Hummel Figurines w/ Boxes
88. MJ Hummel Goebel Figurine “First Snow” First Issue w/ Steiff Snowman Original Box
89. 3 MJ Hummel Figurines w/ Boxes
90. 5 MJ Hummel Figurines w/ Boxes
91. 3 MJ Hummel Figurines
92. Tri Fold Vanity Mirror w/ Woman Portraits
93. Jar of Older Buttons
94. Vintage Plastic Santa Figures and More
95. Christmas Tree Clip On Bird Decorations
96. Zippo Advertising Tape Measures, Knives and Pens in Case
97. 3 Stanley Wood Workers Planes – No.3, No.110
98. Tin Type, Daguerreotype, and Large Photo Button
99. Assorted Collectibles – Coca Cola Ice Pick, Brass Skelton Keys, PRR Pin, Victorian Fab, Straight Razor, Etc.
100. Military Medals, Pins and US Steel Fob
101. Green Cross For Safety Enamel Plaques / Tag
102. Assorted Transit Tokens
103. 2 Broad Axes – Both Marked
104. Oak Machinists Chest
105. Riveting Clamp ?? And Other Tool
106. 2 Stanley Planes (No.4) and Square
107. Assorted Hand Tools – Iron, Wrench, Draw Knife, Hammers
108. 2 Stanley Hand Planes No.5 and C556MP
109. Drill Auger, Wrench and Yankee No.30 North Bros. Mfg.
110. Stencil and Freehand Decorated Blue & Gray Stoneware Crock M.T. Williams New Geneva PA 2 Gallon
111. Stencil Decorated Blue & Gray Stoneware Crock JAS Hamilton Greensboro ?
112. Freehand Decorated Double Ear Stoneware Crock
113. 2 Gallon Stencil Decorated Blue & Gray Crock A. Conrad Shinnston W.VA.
114. Metal Hand Crank Coffee Mill Remnants Of Label
115. Small Double Handle Jug
116. Primitive Egg Carrier
117. Wood Butter Bowl
118. Wooden Trough with Rolling Pin / Wood Mortar & Pestle
119. Brass Candy Kettle HW Hayden 1870
120. Painted Wood Canvas Back Decoy w/ Glass Eyes
121. Wood Doll Trunk w/ Clothing Compartments
122. Folk Art Dolls
123. Cast Iron Overland Circus Horse Drawn Lions Cage
124. Cast Iron Horse Drawn Buggy
125. Cast Iron Mule Drawn Cart
126. Folk Art Decorative Sheep Figures
127. Folk Art Dolls and Cradles – Fannie Turgeon’s
128. Brass Shaving Mirror w/ Razor and Brush Clips
129. Brass Card / Receipt Holder
130. Leaf Pattern Butter Press
131. Stoneware Crock w/ Wooden Utensils
132. 4 Foltz Pottery Animal Themed Redware Plates
133. Framed Will Moses “Look Out For Mr. Stork” Print Signed In Pencil #130/1000 w/ Authenticity Certificate
134. Framed Will Moses “Cows Are Out” Print Signed In Pencil #468/500
135. Split Oak Woven Basket
136. Primitive Carved Wood Scoop 35″ Long
137. Punched Brass and Iron Bed Warmer
138. 3 Hooked Colorful Rugs
139. 2 Hooked Colorful Rugs
140. MJ Hummel Goebel Figurine “Bakers Delight” Moments In Time w/ Original Box
141. Berta Hummel Christmas Ornament Figures w/ Storage Box
142. 3 MJ Hummel Goebel Figurines w/ Boxes
143. 3 MJ Hummel Goebel Figurines w/ Boxes
144. 3 MJ Hummel Goebel Figurines
145. MJ Hummel Goebel “The Mail Is Here Clock Tower” w/ Original Box
146. MJ Hummel Goebel Plates
147. MJ Hummel 1978 Bell and Music Box “Ride Into Christmas” Reuge Winter Wonderland
148. Howe Treadle Sewing Machine
149. Child’s School Desk and Chair
150. Hand Crank Fruit Crusher
151. Boy Scouts of America Cloth Banner
152. Art Deco Style Floor Lamp w/ Figural Knight
153. Assorted Golf Clubs Including Ping w/ Bag
154. Capt. Midnight Radio Premium, Lone Ranger Pin and Gene Autry Pin Back Button
155. Cast Metal Nude Woman w/ Bowling Pins Door Stop
156. Cast Metal Hand With Middle Finger Raised
157. Cast Iron Golfer Door Stop In Paint
158. Fenton Glass Pink N White Leaf Dish and Ruffled Top Vase
159. Fenton Iridescence Blue Stretched Glass Console Set
160. 3 Marigold Carnival Glass Dishes
161. Fenton Case Glass Crimped Edge Basket
162. Fenton Crimped Edge Glass Basket
163. Cast Iron Sailing Ship Door Stop w/ Blue Enamel Finish
164. Vintage The Babe-Ometer Game
165. Hubley Pirate Double Barrel Cap Gun Pistol
166. Tin Hi Score Marble Game
167. Structo Toys Pressed Steel Road Grader w/ Original Box
168. Texaco Valor Oil Can
169. Vintage Black and White Pornographic Nude Photographs – Wendy Wyatt, Deneen Novak
170. WWII Era Black and White Photographs
171. Movie Star Photographs
172. German Stoneware Hunt Scene Tobacco Jar
173. Vaillancourt Folk Art Chalkware Easter Rabbit Figure #10 9601@1996 Signed j.c. Vaillancourt
174. Vaillancourt Folk Art Chalkware Easter Rabbit Figure Brown Rabbit with Flower Pot #112 250BR@1986 Signed Christine Ledin
175. Vaillancourt Folk Art Chalkware Easter Rabbit Figure Two Rabbits in a Basket of Colored Eggs #38 642@1991 Signed Christine Ledin
176. Vaillancourt Folk Art Chalkware Easter Rabbit Figure Rabbit Pulling Wicker Cart #54 643@1991 Signed Christine Ledin
177. Christopher Radko Blown Glass Easter Bunny Ornament
178. Debbee Thibault Raggedy Andy Riding Rabbit Figure Numbered 153/2500
179. 3 Composition Rabbits – Yellow Has Damage Signed Jamieson Studios
180. 4 Easter Rabbit Display Figures
181. Child / Doll Size Wash Tub, Iron, Clothes Pins and More
182. 3 Piece Floral Decorated Celluloid Baby Grooming Set
183. Old Fruit Jar Full Of Clay Marbles
184. Antique Wooden Ice Skates – Juweeltje
185. 3 Different Style Display Choppers
186. PH MS 804 Tin Motorcycle w/ Original Box
187. Supt Key Wind Tin Propeller Plane w/ Original Box
188. Folk Art Child’s Cupboard
189. Wood Decoy w/ Glass Eyes
190. Wood Scoop, Butter Paddle and Butter Press
191. 12 Spongeware Robinson Ransbottom #303 Kitchen Crocks 10 oz.
192. Unusual Hand Crank Food Chopper
193. ThME Primitive Cutter – Possibly For Tobacco
194. 3 Rug Beaters and a Long Handled Scoop
195. Lewis E. Myers Educational A Device
196. Quilt / Drying Rack w/ Burly Twist Side Columns
197. Primitive Cranberry Scoop w/ Long Wooden Handle
198. Rug Beater and Printers Tray
199. Primitive Wooden Handled Utensils
200. Metal Chocolate Candy Mold
201. 2 Royce Craft Artist Signed Baskets
202. Longaberger and Royce Craft Artist Signed Baskets
203. 12 Banded Stoneware Custard Cups Marked RBD
204. Framed Will Moses Print “Loyds Goose Chase” Artist Signed In Pencil Numbered 461/500
205. Framed P Buckley Moss Print “The Market Hall At Chipping Campden” Artist Singed In Pencil Numbered 227/1000
206. Framed P Buckley Moss Print Artist Singed In Pencil Numbered 675/1000
207. Primitive Antique Oak Yarn Winder
208. Uajustit 4 Cars in One Childs Ride On Wood Toy
209. Large Split Oak Gathering Basket
210. Painted Metal Childs Wash Stand
211. Folk Art Decorated Childs Step Back Cupboard – Signed LCK
212. Assorted Folk Art Dolls – Joyce Tapply Bingham, Sharon Miles
213. Vaillancourt Folk Art Chalkware Easter Rabbit Figure Large Jack Rabbit #101 602@1988 Signed Christine Ledin
214. Vaillancourt Folk Art Chalkware Easter Rabbit Figure Brown Man Rabbit in Striped Scarf #294 617@1989 Signed Christine Ledin
215. Vaillancourt Folk Art Chalkware Easter Rabbit Figure Rabbit Family Around Basket #72 666@1994 Signed j.c. Vaillancourt
216. Vaillancourt Folk Art Chalkware Easter Rabbit Figure Baby Bunny Sitting on Mothers Back #3 MD34@1993 Signed Christine Ledin
217. Debbee Thibault Raggedy Anne Riding Rabbit Figure Numbered 136/2500
218. 4 MJ Hummel Figurines w/ Boxes
220. 5 MJ Hummel Figurines
221. 6 MJ Hummel Figurines
222. 5 MJ Hummel / Goebel Figures and Display Pieces w/ Boxes
223. 3 MJ Hummel / Goebel Figures and Display Plaque
224. Hummel Porcelain and Vinyl Dolls
225. Cast Iron Cat Bank In Paint
226. Cast Iron Flower Basket Door Stop In Paint
227. Cast Iron German Sheperd Dog Book Ends In Paint
228. Fenton Jack In The Pulpit Hand Painted Artist Signed Vase
229. Jack In The Pulpit Vase and Fenton Ice Blue Opalescent Footed Vase
230. Fenton Jadeite Glass Console Bowl Set
231. Royal Doulton Figurine Town Crier HN 2119 1952
232. 2 Fenton Glass Baskets
233. Lladro Style Nude Figurine w/ Crown Mark
234. Brass Shield Crest Plaque with Moto “Once A King Always A King, But Once A Knight Is Enough”
235. Raggedy Anne and Andy Print and Childs Wood Ironing Board
236. National Washboard Co. No.801 Brass Washboard
237. Primitive Utensils – Some Old Some Repo
238. 2 Quilt Pillows and Quilt Piece
239. Vintage Wicker Doll Buggy
240. Celluloid Dog
241. Atari Video Game System Paddle Controllers (1 AS IS)
242. Christopher Radko “The First Decade” Ornament Book
243. Schylling Tin Wind Up Horse Race Toy w/ Original Box
244. Jaya Tin Rabbits Riding Rabbit Tin Toy and PH I-952 Key Wind Tin Hobo Riding Cart
245. Vaillancourt Folk Art Rabbit Bride Tree Ornament – Made In Germany
246. Vaillancourt Folk Art Chalkware Easter Figure Rabbit Licking Paw #10 9604@1996 Signed j.c. Vaillancourt (small chip on bottom edge)
247. Vaillancourt Folk Art Chalkware Easter Figure Rabbit Family Around Basket Artist Proof 9812 Signed j.c. Vaillancourt
248. Vaillancourt Folk Art Chalkware Easter Figure Rooster Cart #8 668@1994 Signed Christine E Ledin
249. Vaillancourt Folk Art Chalkware Easter Figure Chicken with Top Hat #49 242@1986 Signed Christine Ledin
250. Vaillancourt Folk Art Chalkware Easter Figure Two Bunnies in Small Egg Boat #213 604@1989 Signed Christine Ledin
251. Folk Art Decorated Flip Top Storage Box w/ Drawer
252. Folk Art Paint Decorated Storage Cabinet
253. 4 MJ Hummel Goebel Figurines
254. Berta Hummel Figural Ornaments w/ Boxes (did not open every box, may find a box or two without a figure)
255. Assorted MJ Hummel Pieces
256. Enterprise 2071 Fruit/Lard/Sausage Press
257. Framed Sports Prints and Plaques
258. Cast Metal Mini Shoes, Cowboy Figure and Pewter Prospector
259. Solid State Walkie Talkies, Big Little Books and Lionel Wooden Axels
260. 3 Pittsburgh Books
261. Carved Wood Figures, Cast Metal Rooster Bottle Opener, Etc.
262. Doll House Miniatures
263. Assorted Glassware
264. Collector Plates
265. Westerwald Pottery Stoneware Plaque
266. Yellow Enamelware Mugs
267. 11 Cups w/ Saucers
268. Lenox Crystal Stems
269. Easter Rabbit Figures and Cardboard Basket
270. Easter Paper Mache Eggs and Decorated Hand Mirrors Signed F. Poole
271. Blue & Gray Stoneware Santa and Buildings
272. Assorted Small Collectibles
273. Framed Needle Work, Knick Knack Shelf and More
274. Primitive Cooker, Fly Swatter and More
275. Amber Glass Stems and Water Glasses
276. Colormode Electric Percolator in Avocado w/ Box
277. Union Utility Cabinet and Storage Box
278. Occupied Japan Figurines
279. Elvis Stamps, Mickey Mouse Framed Cartoon, Baby Prints, Etc.
280. Golden Eagle NRA Belt Buckles, Binoculars, Knife
281. Wolverine Toy Adding Machine and Tom Thumb Cash Register
282. Chalkware Snow White Figure and National Eagle Whiskey Statue
283. Taylor & Boggis Cast Iron Heating Stove and Horn
284. 3 Carpenters Hand Planes – Stanley No.127, Made In Germany No. 03
285. Central Pneumatic In Line Shears and Grinding Tool
286. Advertising Candy Boxes and Coffee Tin Bank
287. Quantity Square Head Nails
288. Ladies Home Journal Book
289. Children’s Items – Tea Sets, Wood Blocks, Red Riding Hood Game, Pail
290. Folk Art Dolls – Airly Wog
291. Folk Art Dolls Miss Fannie Turgeon, Joyce Tapply Bingham
292. 4 Doll Chairs
293. Paint Decorated Doll Chest w/ Mirror
294. 2 Vaillancourt Folk Art Chalkware Easter Eggs #22 272@1986 and #18 277@1987
295. Gorham Vaillancourt Chalkware Folk Art Easter Pieces
296. Primitive Wood Masher 40″ Long
297. Assorted Decorative Wall Hangers and Cooking Trays
298. Michelin Emergency Roadside Kit
299. Disney Promotional Dick Tracy Jacket
300. Assorted Glassware Including Marigold Butter Dish, Gold Cream & Sugar Set
301. Assorted Primitive Style Items Including Wall Mount Utensil Holder, Brass Candle Sticks and More
302. Christmas Lights
303. Vintage BSR McDonald 6500 Turntable
304. Collectible Avon Cologne & Perfume Bottles
305. Vintage Stereo System – Panasonic 8 Track Player RS-802US, GE Turntable CA800H, Panasonic Model RE-7670 Receiver w/ Model RE-7670 Speakers and Headphones
306. Assorted Bar Glasses
307. Assorted Clear and Green Glass Drinking Glasses
308. Collectible Avon Cologne & Perfume Bottles
309. Collectible Avon Cologne & Perfume Bottles
310. Easter Eggs
311. Collectible Avon Cologne & Perfume Bottles
312. Collectible Avon Cologne & Perfume Bottles
313. Folk Art Rabbits – Joyce Tapply Bingham
314. Assorted Comical Mugs
315. Assorted Glasses
316. Amber Glass Candy Jars and Drinking Glasses
317. Glasses, Punch Bowl w/ Cups, Etc.
318. Hamilton Collection Satsuma Ware Plates by Oriental Artist Shunsuke Suetomi
319. Grill Plates and Stoneware Custard Crocks
320. Box Lot Assorted Items
321. Box Lot Assorted Items
322. Framed Needle Work
323. Collector Plates
324. Glass Candle Sticks and Light Shades


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