BHD Auctions LLC

      The Next Generation in Auctions

Evans City, PA


Preserving our history

‣   Stoneware & Porcelain

‣   Military Collectibles & Firearms

‣  Toys, Holiday and Unique One of A Kind Items

‣   Coins & Jewelry

Antique green patterned chair and brown dresser with white statues on top of it
Antique record player with large horn.

The phrase a picture speaks a thousand words couldn't be more true when selling an item in an online auction. That's why we strive to take the most professional photographs possible, with a photo area designed for small items and even a large area with a back drop for furniture. Quality is great however the bidders need to see the whole item as well (front, back, top bottom - 360 degrees) we average 2000 to 4000 photographs per auction to make sure the bidders know exactly what they are bidding on and our consignors know that we are presenting their items properly.

‣   Paintings & Prints

Specializing in Antiques & collectibles

‣   Period & Country Furniture

For 8 years, BHD Auctions owner and auctioneer Brian Detch worked
as an auctioneer with JS Dill Auctions in Zelienople, PA.  Under the
mentorship of Jack Dill, Brian developed a passion and talent for the
auction industry, with a focus on the antiques and collectibles market.

Today, BHD Auctions carries on the tradition established at JS Dill
Auctions, with a firm commitment to integrity both to our consignors
who entrust us with the sale of their merchandise, and to our loyal
following of collectors and dealers.

Our aim at BHD Auctions is to create a dynamic auction sales
in a win-win opportunity for both buyers and sellers,
bringing some of the best antiques and collectibles to market in the
Pittsburgh region.

Black and white glass vase with uniquely blown base.
Painted stone bust of a sailor wearing a blue hat, red jacket and yellow scarf
Antique Vanity made of light stained wood and brass accents.

‣   Folk Art & Primitives

Photography is key in online auction sales